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Privacy Policy

Your privacy matters to Dragon Journal, so we have developed this Privacy Policy to help you understand what user information we collect and how and when we use it. This Privacy Policy can be changed and updated without notice.

What Information do We Collect?

Dragon Journal does not share your personal information with third-parties, nor do we use it to spam you.

We may use cookies to enhance your user-experience and to show you ads based on your search history. We do not use cookies to track you. You can disable your cookies by changing the settings of your browser.

Services and Surveys:

We will store the information you provide to us by taking surveys or by registering for any of our services or giveaways. The information can include name, password, postal code, address, email ID, and mobile number. Again, this information will not be shared with any third party.


When you subscribe to any of our newsletters, we collect and store your name and email address. You can unsubscribe from any newsletter at any moment you want, and you will receive no further communication from us.

Social Media Plugins:

You might see social media icons such as Facebook like button, Twitter, G+, and Pinterest etc. on our website. When you click these icons (i.c. liking, or tweeting something), your browser will form a connection with the servers of these social media website and send information to them. Dragon Journal is not responsible for the activities of these third party social media servers.


You might find ads and affiliate links on our website. If you visit a website from a link provided by the ads we’re displaying or from an affiliate link and make a purchase at that website, we’re not responsible for the data your provide to such a third party.

Talk to us:

If you have any question regarding Dragon Journal’s Privacy Policy you can email us at




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