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These Social Media Habits Are Why The Aliens Won’t Talk To Us

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It seems to be kind of a trend to talk about how social media is the biggest evil of all times. I don’t agree with this approach – social media can be wonderful and can help you be productive, discover many great things, and connect with like-minded people. It’s time to stop demonizing social media as now it’s become a great marketing tool for entrepreneurs and creative people as well.  It’s not social media, but our own tendency to not be mindful of the way we use it, that’s toxic.

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Forget aliens – these are the reasons I’ll stop talking to anyone.

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Things We Do On Social Media That Prove Humans Are The Worse


1. Bullying Like Your Life Depends on It

We know bullying has to be the No. 1 evil people do on the Internet. The tricky part is, bullying is not always obvious. When you’re putting your life or anything you care about out there,  you’re going to come across some cruelty. Somehow, it’s easier to say anything you want to in comments or messages than saying it out loud in real life.

And if you think mean comments or acting all entitled and judgemental are the worst things people can do on the internet, think of all harassment, stalking, and death threats.

Another form of bullying is acting as if you believe that people have to shape their lives, their opinions, or their creative expressions according to your beliefs and ideas.

2. Tagging Your Friends in 1 Billion Posts Every Single Day

Okay, 1 Billion is an exaggeration. I can’t take more than 2-4. Think it this way – your facebook/twitter/Instagram friends have probably other friends on these platforms who’re also tagging them in many posts. How much time do you think people love spending just feeling obliged to click on every notification?

Sure, there are people who love being tagged in memes and inspirational quotes. Maybe it would be a good practice to ask people what they want? You know, consent matters.

3. Broadcasting Your Relationships

We get it, it’s your social media account, you can post whatever you want to. But if you believe broadcasting your relationships on Facebook or Instagram is healthy, you might want to ask yourself, in what way?

It’s not always evil to talk about your relationships or your partners on social media, but if your happiness seems to be depending on it, there’s something wrong below the surface.

4. Expecting People To Care About Everything You Post

You need Facebook likes. You want Instagram hearts. It’s getting old. Most of the times, people don’t really care about your salad, your selfie, or your spouse – even if they do click the ‘like’ button or comment ‘OMG. Adorable’. Unless you’re brand (in that case, you definitely need to worry about social media engagement), don’t expect people to care about everything you post online.

Creating genuine connections with people is a better approach. And it doesn’t always involve creating an illusion of perfection or holier-than-thou-ness.

5. Pictures Of Your Food

Even that awful-looking Omelette? Why?

6. Expecting Everyone You Know In Real Life To Have You On Their SM Accounts

Don’t make a Facebook add or Twitter Follow the criteria of your real life relations.

This is why the ‘Block’ option exists, and it hurts real bad.

7. Expecting Others To Always Be Online

There’s a special place in hell for people who throw tantrums when people don’t reply to their PM’s within 60 minutes.

8. Not Setting Boundaries

This is going to hurt you and consume a lot of your energy and time. Boundaries on social media are just as important as they are in real life.

9. Not Using ‘Custom’ Audience On Facebook When It’s Appropriate

Remember we talked about how not everyone cares about everything? This is the solution.

10. Passive-Aggressive Indirect Rants

We’re all guilty of this. One thing I’ve realized by having done it myself a few times is that they don’t solve anything. Maybe they make you feel better for a while. Do they make you feel better? There’s a chance you’re going to end up being trapped in a cycle of negativity.

A better alternative is to just write down (or type) everything that’s bothering you. Good old-fashion diaries. Or rant it out in front of a friend, or a couple of your friends, or 5-6 friends. Who cares? Chances are, you’ll start feeling better and won’t need to depend on SM platforms for your rants.

11. Telling People What They Can Or Can’t Post On Their SM Accounts

Isn’t that exactly what I’ve just been doing? Oh. Another reason aliens won’t talk to us.

But seriously, just unfollow the accounts you find annoying. And don’t create drama when someone does the same to you. Don’t take social media too seriously. Get a (real) life. Though it comes back to setting boundaries and letting people know what kind of things you’re not comfortable with, and you might unfollow them if you’re exposed to such things.


What kind of things people do on SM that you find annoying? Do let me know in the comments section.

Also, this article is, for most parts, not supposed to be taken too seriously (except for the bullying part). Or is it? Some things might’ve been quite subjective, but do let us know what you think.





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