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Was IT worth it? What SK Fans Say About IT 2017 Movie

IT 2017 movie

IT is Stephen King’s famous novel that’s given many people nightmares of creepy clowns. If you haven’t read it, you’ve probably heard about it. 2017’s movie adaptation of this novel turned out to be one of the most successful movies of this year. We reached out to Stephen King fans on social media and asked them to share their opinions about the IT 2017 movie – here’s what they said.

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Here’s What Stephen King Fans Are Saying About IT 2017 Movie

IT 2017 movie


” I love all things Tim Curry and especially Pennywise. I was pleasantly surprised that I really liked Bill Skarsgard’s Pennywise. He made the movie.

I was completely let down by the decisions to strip Mike of his role as researcher/historian and Ben as engineer and builder of the dam. And what happened to the barrens storyline?

The boys could have been any group of kids. They lacked the camaraderie of The Losers Club. I cared about the Beverly character until she just fizzled out.

I love the book. I love the story. Anxiously waiting for Chapter 2 because right now, hokey & dated as it is, the tv movie had characters I cared about and an evil far more sinister than the remake.” – Laura


The most criticised aspect of IT 2017 movie was what they did to Mike’s character. Mike’s a really strong and important character in the book and many people felt that they shouldn’t have taken away his role as a historian from the story. In the book, Mike acts as a beacon of light to all of the losers – he stays in Derry while they all leave and keeps track of all the disappearances linked to Pennywise. We do hope he does have this role in Chapter 2 of this movie but considering they have already passed on this role to Ben in the first part instead, it remains to be seen how they’ll present both Ben and Mike’s characters in the next movie.


“I enjoyed IT as a horror movie, but have real problems with the changes to Mike. He is one of King’s strongest Black characters. To take away his story, his purpose, and his great relationship with his dad, making him into a trope, really slights the wonderful character King wrote and lessens the intelligence of the movie.

But, on the positive side, Bev’s blood scene was extremely satisfying.” – Colleen Lynn Gilginas


Oh, yes, Beverley’s blood scene was messier than the one in the TV Mini-Series adaptation. Talking of Beverley, I loved Sophia Lillis in this role. Though, there was some sexualization of Bev’s character which was unnecessary. I never thought I liked Beverley’s character at all, until I saw how they tweaked her in this movie adaptation. The way she was portrayed in the book was no means less strong or mature than this version, but this take on Bev is also quite fresh.


“I think it’s one of the best horror movies in recent memory. Half of the Loser’s Club were remarkable and well-acted. But, for me, the biggest standout of the movie is Bill Skarsgard as Pennywise. Talk about scary, creepy and intense. Dare I say Oscar caliber performance? I hope for IT: Chapter 2, that everything from the first movie is just as good in the sequel. Great movie overall! 8/10” – AL


I agree that Bill Skarsgard deserves an Oscar for his performance as Pennywise in IT 2017 movie. He is, without any doubt, the best thing about this movie.


“The original, and this current one are definitely “of their time” as far as special effects are concerned. But the acting and the story is of two different worlds.

Tim Curry’s inflections and ability to emote and breathe life into his characters is what makes them, and him, so great. Pennywise was no exception. Curry’s Pennywise was scary, but it was more psychological with verbal and visual accents.

While Skarsgard’s Pennywise was visually, verbally, psychologically, and continuously scary, at times terrifying – he had one job, to deliver, and he did it in spades!

The original “Losers Club” was much more connected I felt, they had that camaraderie like Arnold Schwarzenegger’s team had in “Predator.” If they ran up and saw their friend/s shooting, no questions asked, they would start shooting too.

IT 2017 movie
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Every member bought strength and value to the group. You felt that togetherness, you cheered for it, cared about it, and when it was put in jeopardy, by natural or supernatural forces, you were scared for it. You bonded with them, you were a “Loser” too, and you loved it.

In this new one (2017) it didn’t quite feel that way, the togetherness was missing. It was like they threw a bunch of kids together and said…

“Okay now, you already know these kids. You saw the original movie and/or read the book. Go ahead and feel something for this group, be invested.”

They didn’t really develop their bond, why they so effortlessly connected to each other.

Also, I think it was terrible how they completely butchered Mike’s role in the club. He was the historian of the group, the one who explained the adults’ complicity, if you will, and the frequency of the missing children in Derry.

They took his beautifully fleshed-out character and turned him into a husk of his former self. Relegated to simply being the kid that bought the weapon. That was ridiculous.

They robbed Mike and gave the ill-gotten gains to Ben. But they also robbed Ben. He was the architect, the builder of the club, and they took that from him.

In the original Bevy was something like the nucleus of the group. As children and adults, the boys rallied around her, you felt that urgency in wanting to protect her. I didn’t get that from her character or theirs in this new one. Again, that togetherness, it was definitely missing and sorely missed.

But all-in-all I liked the film, it was good. Hopefully, in the second installment, they’ll get that “togetherness” void filled.” -Ronmecca Lee


” I love the new movie. I think they managed to give Pennywise the sense of menace and overwhelming creep factor that was lacking in the miniseries in 1990 ( I still have a soft spot for Tim Curry’s goofy OTT Pennywise….But this Pennywise would devour 1990 Pennywise and dance all over the remaining bits). The casting was excellent as well. One problem – Henry Bowers was not as scary as he is in the book. And I was bummed that Mike’s character was reduced to a bit player. Otherwise….best horror movie I’ve seen in years.”– Holly Barnes


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