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These Nail Art Designs are Too Pure for This World

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They are crazy. They are badass. They are nail art designs you should try at least once in your life. Instagram is a great place to find all kind of creativity. If you are a fashion lover, you should be browsing the many fashion bloggers, makeup artists, and even hobbyists who’re sharing their beautiful, crazy, and creative works on their Insta account. Here are few nail art designs I’ve picked from Instagram so you can try some of these and make your friend jealous, impressed, angry, or doubt your sanity.


7 Badass Nail Art Designs on Instagram


1. In The Remembrance of the Good Witch of North


Bring the good back in this world – dress up as the Good Witch of North and use this nail art with your look.

2. I Like My Nail Art How I Like My Humor; Dark And Twisted


I know it’s too early but we need to get over the Good Witch.


3. And This Nail Art because we’re the Addamses (at heart)


Something Wednesday Addams would approve of.


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4. Because Everyone Needs Vitamic C.


Also, because a little cuteness won’t hurt anyone.

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5. Making sense is irrelevant. But you mortals won’t understand.


Another interesting idea for Halloween or any dress-up event.

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6. For The Love of Spiders


Unless you have arachnephobia… or if you’re Hermione Granger.


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7. There’s Nothing Better than having The Starry Night Painted on Your Nails


I don’t know about you, but I love this Starry Night nail art.  They’re also a great gift for your art-loving friends.

Would you go for any one these nail art ideas? Also, which ones are YAY and which ones are totally NAY? Let us know in comments, and, have a fabulous, artsy, stylish day!

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