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Learning Anger Management Can Change Your Life

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Anger is a self-destructing weapon lying inside a human being. Some people have the concept that losing their temper is the only way of getting things done. Well, it is not; it eats you away from inside without you knowing. The only cure for anger is to control it but not everyone finds anger management easy. When people become angry, they shout at others, curse them and it does not just harm their body but also ruin their relationship with others. Words said in anger can not be taken back and results in arguments. Continuous bickering is emotionally exhausting and continuous frustration leads to fights. The scars of fights can be very tormenting and the victim may end up being with some psychological issues and trauma.

Having trouble managing our fits of anger makes us an easy victim to mind games played by toxic people. Our decision-making skills are also negatively affected. I highly recommend developing anger management skills to everyone. I do not think it should be necessarily taught at schools because if as a society we practice in our daily lives; our offspring can learn from us as we are role models for them and this is the most effective way of teaching.

Tips for Getting Started With Anger Management

I will share with you the way I have been able to manage my anger.

1. Intention to Control Your Anger

Nothing in the world can force a person to do something unless and until they want to do it themselves. So, deep in your mind, make an intention to control your anger.

2. Deep Breaths For Anger Management

Take deep breaths. Sometimes, it does soothe your anger.

3. Stay Hydrated

Drink water refreshes your mind. Sometimes, green tea also smoothes down my nerves.

3. Develop Listening Skills

Always show a willingness to hear the other side of the story. Most of the time, it is just a misunderstanding that creates distance among people. Try to convey your message to other people in a calm and composed manner, so they can understand what you are trying to say. If you think you will not be able to control yourself then leave the room and go somewhere peaceful to compose yourself.

4. Meditation

Okay so I am not any meditation master, but yes, I have learned a few techniques of meditation that help me control my anger. I simply start inhaling and exhaling heavily and try to focus on my breathing patterns. For the time being, it diverts your attention from the issue but in the long run, it helps you to make decisions which are not based your emotional attachments.

5. Talk to a friend

Human beings can not just simply live alone. They live together and share their problems. So, if you have a trusted friend or family member, then go and talk to them. It will make light-hearted, and if you trust their opinion, do not hesitate to hear them out. They might have a solution which you haven’t been able to think of.

I have to some extent controlled my anger by working on the given tips. I hope you guys are also able to control it.


Guest blog by Neelam Akbar

Author Bio: Neelam Akbar is a writer dedicated to bringing positive change in the society through her words.

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